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Ryder Ministries

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You can have what you say Training
This is where you can get "Bible School Training"  for only $5.

Pastor Robert has 31 years of experience in training and teaching the body of Christ to heal the sick. Learn to speak what you want... will help you in every area of your life in Jesus name!

This valuable video give you everything you need to know. How to get results in your prayer life as to commanding and getting results like Jesus did!.

This is one of the most important lessons of life any beleiver can master..

These videos are available to watch also when you become a partner with Ryder Ministries. However, you may just want to watch the videos without becoming a partner.

This video are about 1 hours to watch. Just use your credit card with PayPal to watch immediately.

After you pay $5 with PayPal you will be directed to the "Speak what you want". enjoy!